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Unlike drivers in central Europe, the Portuguese driver doesn’t consider his car a simple consumer good, but rather an investment. With the current economic situation, the concept of buying a car as an investment is strengthened – it should be properly maintained, which of course influence certain consumer behaviours. The consumer cares about the brand and the quality of the professional work; therefore, price is not the most important criteria. Nonetheless value for money still remains significant, meaning customers respond to promotions and take note of repair estimates (or require them, if not presented). Adapting to this consumer profile is the key to success for the workshops.

To provide greater convenience to the customer and a standardized service quality offering by premium brands, KRAUTLI PORTUGAL currently manages 7 networks of specialized workshops.


NexusAuto is an international network of independent workshops developed by Nexus Automotive International (N!). It offers global aftermarket automotive services, including: Multiplatform access (accessible anywhere from a PC or Tablet); OEM (access to OEM prices and times); AFT (access to aftermarket cross-references); Bodywork and Mechanics (access to all kinds of automotive parts); Painting (expertise according to various types of damage) and Cost estimations (with over 3,000 repair options available). We specialize in everything related to vehicles: all kinds of repairs and overhauls. A complete, safe and quality service offering.

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Profissional Plus

Professional Plus now offers all the necessary tools needed to assist your workshop in its daily operations – with a format based on choosing the right individual solutions. The basic service offering consists of access to Technical Training, Website, Intranet, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Networks and a Starter Promotional Pack. Additionally, we offer branding assistance, training and technical information. This is the most flexible and complete program for your workshop – a network designed for you.

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VDO Diesel Repair Services

Today’s diesel vehicles feature high-tech components such as VDO common rail diesel systems that put considerable strain on the development and service staff. Throught the VDO Diesel Repair Service Partners VDO is now setting a new benchmark for repair work: workshops benefit from rapid availability of cost-effective common rail diesel components, thereby enhancing their service competence and delivering greater customer satisfaction.

The VDO Diesel Repair Service Partners specialize in common rail diesel systems, providing information, support and genuine brand replacement parts. These specialists can also diagnose and repair high-pressure pumps which offer customers attractive savings compared to an expensive new unit. This presents an important opportunity to expand your service offering and cater to several leading additional car brands: Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo and Ford.

The VDO Diesel Repair Services have test equipment and data that ensures swift identification of system faults and use genuine brand replacement parts for all repairs.

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VDO Tachograph Authorized Services

Over 9,400 VDO Tachograph Authorized Services throughout Europe offer professional assistance around the tachograph – a network of experienced and specially trained Partners that guarantee the best technical service.

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VDO DTCO+ Services

Within the VDO network, a selective club of tachograph specialists is recognized as the best workshops for tachograph and telematics services for transportation professionals. Equipped with the most advanced technical tools and training, the VDO DTCO+ Services are the partners of excellence in data management and operational solutions related to tachographs.

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DOMETIC Truck Partners

The specialized workshops in the DOMETIC Truck Partners network provide maintenance services for your truck as well as installation of accessories to improve the comfort of your vehicle.

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